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Anat Vaadia PD Class go CLIMAX with Timothy Leary. Read more about the teacher and classes in our organizational blurb.

Anat Vaadia PD Class at Yasmeen Godder Studio. Please see our blurb for more information.


Sigal Bergman teaches Dance PD February 6 2017 at Yasmeen Godder Studio. More information is available in our organizational blurb.

 Photo by: Kathrin Feldhaus

Photo by: Kathrin Feldhaus

Our weekly Contemporary Dance Classes for people living with Parkinson’s disease began in February 2015, as part of the “Störung/הפרעה” Project. Initiated by Theatre Freiburg, Germany, this unique interdisciplinary collaborative project brought together professional dancers and choreographers with scientists and physicians – along with people with Parkinson’s from Israel and Germany – to explore different aspects of human movement and movement disorder. For more information about the project please visit our blog: www.hafraah.wordpress.com.

After a successful and fulfilling year, we decided to continue in 2016 the weekly classes independently. In January 2017, we received a generous grant from The Ted Arison Family Foundation allowing us to add another weekly class and offer the classes to the community at no cost. The professional dancers who comprise our team of teachers present classes inspired by different techniques and physical practices that reflect their different approaches and training. Classes range from release-based techniques and contact improvisation, to those influenced by Feldenkrais, Tai-Chi, Capoeira and Voice Training. Members of Yasmeen Godder Company consider these disciplines as part of the “tool box” they drawing upon and excel in.

Each class is made up of a teacher, an assistant and a group of volunteers – mostly professional dancers along with movement therapists and specialists with related skills. We believe that at least one-third of the participants in each class are people who are not living with Parkinson’s disease, having learned the multi-generational and mixed ability of the participants contributes to the classes’ success by creating a positive, playful and enriching experience on many levels. The classes include a mbreak for tea and cookies, which further enables social interaction.

In January 2018, we are planning to hold a conference that will concentrate on sharing information with the larger international community involved in the dialogue between dance and Parkinson’s disease, and the different approaches and practices that have been developed around this theme and questions.

The short documentaries included here are of two classes led by two teachers: Sigal Bergman and Anat Vaadia. Ms. Bergman teaches Alexander technique and dance in Tel Aviv, Israel, creates dances and video works and performs. She holds a BA in psychology from the Hebrew University, and for the past 20 years has studied the connection between movement and thought through many disciplines, including: Alexander Technique, Yoga, Tai-Chi, release techniques and improvisation. Shecollaborated with the Yasmeen Godder Company in the “Störung/ הפרעה” Project and has since been teaching one of the Contemporary Dance Classes for People with Parkinson’s’. Anat Vaadia is a choreographer, dancer, rehearsal director and certified teacher of Dance and Feldenkrais Method, currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel. After her studies the Rotterdam Dance Academy in the Netherlands, she spent five years in Berlin, Germany, working as a freelance dancer and creating her own work. In 2008 returned to Israel and began her Feldenkais studies. Between 2008 and 2012 she worked in the Yasmeen Godder Company as a dancer and as a rehearsal director. She currently teaches Feldenkais and dance alongside creating and performing her own work.  http://anatva.wix.com/anat-vaadia

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