Parkinson en Mouvement (CANADA)

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When Sarah Humphrey was diagnosed with PD, she knew no cure had yet been found for this debilitating condition. She wasn't going to take this news 'sitting down' and looked into what was out there that could help slow the
progression of her symptoms. In 2007, having heard of new research about the positive effects of dance and movement for people with PD, Sarah initiated PEM with dance therapist Joanabbey Sack from Concordia's Creative Arts Therapies department. They were joined by physiotherapist Maura Fisher in 2009 who currently works at the movement disorder clinic at the Montreal neurological Institute. They developed a program integrating their diverse expertise.

With research indicating the advantages of voice training for people with PD, choir coach Lisa Lapointe joined the team to develop singing classes. Finally in 2011 Zuzana Sevcikova and in 2012 Tetiana Lazuk joined as dance/movement therapists and have further contributed to the development of the program bringing their medical knowledge and experience in the fields of drama-therapy and dance/movement therapy.

Based on current research addressing the positive effects of dance, music and of certain specialized types of movement for people with PD, our professionals teach their unique approach which brings together the expertise of dance, dance/movement therapy, psychology and physiotherapy. The approach of Parkinson en mouvement fosters improvements in strength, balance, endurance, range of motion, gait and posture, integration of movements and experience useful in daily activities, and encourages creativity, expressiveness and community building. Other core elements include choreography and improvisation integrating principals of LSVT BIG (Lee Silverman Voice Treatments). Improvisational activities are known to stimulate cognitive skills such as attention, mental fluency, memory and visuospatial awareness among others.

PEM offers classes in five Montreal areas: downtown, Rosemont-Petite-Patrie, Ahuntsic-Cartierville, south shore and Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. Soon classes will be offered in the west-island and Laval. Its team is training other dancers and therapists so as to be able to provide classes to more people in more places. We offer a training program for new teachers yearly. Training workshops are held over a weekend followed by internships in the PEM classes.


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