Musical Moving, Dance for people with Parkinson's (UK)

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Musical Moving is a London based charity that offers dance classes in two London venues (Camden and Wimbledon) to people with Parkinson’s, their friends, relatives and carers. Joanne Duff and Anna Gillespie direct the program and lead the sessions which explore the potential, expression and joy in the dancers’ movements. The community program started in 2008, with Dr Marion North, CBE as one of the founders. Marion’s early involvement and direction continues to inspire our teaching. 

Live music is central to our classes, both in terms of accompaniment and integrated music practice. Our regular musicians include pianists, Latin musicians and a computer generated sound scape artist. 

Musical Moving is open and accessible, working with the broader Parkinson’s and arts community to develop and enrich our practice and the experience of our dancers. We regularly invite guest teachers, dancers, health and arts professionals to class to share practice and foster an exchange of ideas. Our participants enjoy dancing with the visitors and hearing about their work at teatime. 

Both groups have a special place in the London communities where they take place. We have built sustainable relationships and partnerships with the local GP practice in Camden, charities, Parkinson’s support groups and the Parkinson’s specialist nurses who regularly attend our dance classes. 

Musical Moving dancers enjoy being part of London’s professional dance community through ongoing relationships with English National Ballet and The Royal Opera House.

We are delighted to be part of this collaborative effort, which yields a more comprehensive on-going conversation among all of us. Please come and dance with us if you are in London.

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