Hrishikesh Pawar Contemporary Dance/Dance Parkinson Group Project (India)

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As the world rapidly moves into silos of individualistic isolated existences, the elderly get pushed into the background with no means of expression through the incoherent movements of their bodies. More so for those affected by Parkinson’s – A progressive neuro - degenerative disorder which affects the population in the age group of 60-70. The Mark Morris Dance group of New York through its ‘ Dance for Parkinson’s ‘ project is providing an avenue of expression & performance to around 125 communities of such Parkinson’s patients in 17 countries around the world. This project operates on the premise that the power of dance can create an environment of energy and empowerment through alignment of the mind, body and emotion.

In the city of Pune , the Hrishikesh Center for Contemporary Dance in collaboration with the Mark Morris Dance group & the Sanchetic Orthopedic Center through the “Dance for Parkinson’s Program’ impacts 75 patients, their families & care givers. The program in its structure explores and challenges the paradigms of dance through the inhibited movements of a Parkinson’s body. An acceptability and a will to surpass these inhibitions of one’s body movements through dance as a community makes way for compassion and positivity. This is one of the reasons that the dance for PD class is an uninhibited joyful experience with infectious energy.  

Hrishikesh also believes that partnering his class of young students with the class of ‘Dance for PD’ students is an exercise in building sustainable communities – with the old emulating the energy of the young and the young developing empathy for the old.

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