Houston Ballet/Houston Area Parkinson Society (USA)

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Photo: Amitava Sarkar

Photo: Amitava Sarkar

Houston Ballet and Houston Area Parkinson Society partnered together in 2009 to bring a dance class to the Houston Parkinson’s community after the launch of the original, innovative Dance for PD program developed by MMDG and BPG. Forged by two unique yet complimentary missions, this partnership brings those with Parkinson’s disease together to instill and inspire a lasting love and appreciation for dance while improving quality of life through exercise and social connections with others. This weekly program offers participants a supportive, yet challenging environment where dancers of all abilities are encouraged to confront the limitations of their disease by embracing movement, music, rhythm and energy. The benefits of this creative and fun class include improved physical functioning, mood and self-confidence.

Our team of three teachers, trained in Dance for PD pedagogy, comes from diverse dance backgrounds. They take turns teaching exercises throughout the class that vary in style from ballet to tap to modern and Broadway jazz. They are joined by an accomplished pianist who provides a fun, inspiring and varied musical score that supports each class combination. The class meets for an hour every week at Houston Ballet Center for Dance. Staff from Houston Area Parkinson Society are present each week to facilitate logistics and assist the dancers.

Contact information

Email: jsommers@houstonballet.org

Company website: http://houstonballet.org

Program website: http://hapsonline.org

Phone: 713-595-3207