Dancing with Parkinson's (Canada)

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Dancing with Parkinson's (DWP) is a Toronto-based dance program founded by Sarah Robichaud in 2008 for those living with Parkinson's Disease that increases awareness of the body in stillness and motion. DWP's mission is to provide a fun, safe environment where those with Parkinson's Disease can celebrate the artistry and potential of their own movement. DWP features experienced, inspiring teachers and exceptional musical accompaniment at its 12 Toronto class locations.

In addition to providing classes throughout the Greater Toronto Area on a weekly basis, DWP engages its participants in intergenerational dance projects throughout the year with youth of all ages. To view our latest Intergenerational dance performance please click here.

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Email: info@dancingwithparkinsons.com 

Website: http://www.dancingwithparkinsons.com

Phone: (647) 217-9252

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