Dance for Health (NETHERLANDS)

2017-2018 season opening: Dance for Health class with partner Scapino Ballet Rotterdam.

Dance for Health Research Lab: Why dance matters?

World Parkinson’s Day 2017: Event organized by Dance for Health & Scapino Ballet Rotterdam

 Initiator Marc Vlemmix with dancer Esther de Vos

 Initiator Marc Vlemmix with dancer Esther de Vos

Dance for Health organizes dance classes for people with Parkinson’s, Multiple Scleroses and Rheumatism in The Netherlands. From the city of Rotterdam this foundation provides more than 30 weekly classes in over 25 other cities in the country. The goal of founder Marc Vlemmix is to offer classes in a creative and enriching environment, mostly within the location of partner dance companies such as Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Introdans and Dutch National Ballet.

Next to the weekly classes the foundation also has its own teachers’ education and an international Research Lab where different dancers, experts and choreographers from across the field are invited to discover the possibilities of dance within the medical field and beyond. Dance for Health’s founder Marc Vlemmix describes this as following:

“Since my first dance class after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (2010), I just know that Dance matters. Only one hour of dancing completely changed the way I experienced my own body. Since then, I have continued dancing almost every day. Every morning dancing in my living room became a new ritual to start the day. Exploring my body in my own safe comfort zone. And sharing the joy of dancing with like-minded people while dancing in class every week.

When we know that Dance Matters, out of experience and by observing, the question rises, why Dance Matters? I want to understand what it is exactly what brings this positive value. What way of dancing creates these positive benefits? And how do we define the beneficial values dance gives us?”

                                              - Marc Vlemmix


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