About US

We are a group of 23 dance organizations and individual teaching artists from 16 countries who offer classes for people with Parkinson's in our communities. In addition to our commitment to serving our own constituents, we collaborate formally and informally with each other to exchange good ideas, teaching practice and opportunities for program development.

Through World Dance for Parkinson's Day, and this virtual portal, we aim to highlight the breadth, richness and diversity of dance-based programming for people with Parkinson's around the world.

Partners include: OFFBEAT - Belconnen Arts Center (Australia), Canada's National Ballet School (Canada), Care to Dance (Netherlands), Dançar com Pk (Portugal), Dance for Health (Netherlands), Mark Morris Dance Group/Dance for PD® (US), Dance for Parkinson's Australia, Dance for Parkinson's SA (South Africa), Dance Well/CSC Bassano, (Italy), Dancers' Career Development Center (South Korea), Dancing with Parkinson's (Canada), DaPoPa (France), Dutch National Ballet/Creative Wellness Foundation (Netherlands), English National Ballet (UK), Hamilton City Ballet (Canada), Houston Ballet (US), Hrishikesh Pawar Contemporary Dance (India), Kinesiphila (Belgium), Musical Moving (UK), Parkinson en Mouvement (Canada), Queensland Ballet (Australia), Scottish Ballet (UK), Skånes Dansteater (Sweden), Step Up for Parkinson's (Malta), and Yasmeen Godder (Israel). 

We've chosen programs representing a range of styles, approaches and sizes--but all of us share a similar philosophy and mission: to share the joys and benefits of dance, creativity and community with people with Parkinson's and their families around the world.